The average cost of a data breach in 2019 is $3.9 million and the annual global cost of cybercrime to rise to $6 trillion in 2021.

Ever heard of social engineering?

Human Element trains the soft skills in cyber security.
Over 70% of network security is compromised by human error.

Hackers use social engineering techniques to psychologically manipulate people, so that they unintentionally divulge confidential information. This is social engineering and everyone is a target.

Internal user mistakes are mainly responsible for cyber security incidents. 65% of victims are individuals and small-medium enterprises.

Human Element not only trains your blue or red teams, but all employees, including executives and board members.

Digital awareness is key to cyber security.

Human behaviour and change in the digital world.
Guard yourself against social engineering.

Hackers use psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes. We believe that everyone should be able to identify suspicious situations, and that is why we have developed our tools and training. Our services help clients identify malicious activity and prevent them from making unnecessary mistakes. This saves the user time and money. Our team thinks like a hacker one minute and then executes like a business-level employee the next. We utilize data analysis, exploit human behaviour and execute social engineering in order to protect our clients.

We use the same tools as real-life hackers. And we are not talking about your “long-lost” relative who would like to transfer some money to you. We can create increasingly sophisticated and complex campaigns. Our experience ranges from general company phishing campaigns to individual c-level training (whaling).

Don't let your resources sweat on executing social engineering campaigns. Train for the real world, leave it up to us. Managed social engineering campaigns that work.

Managed Social Engineering and Phishing campaigns.

Dedicated and creative teams armed with the latest greatest tools.
Because everybody can be hacked.

We learned to be hackers, but we utilize our skills for good. Today we build on this knowledge to create advanced social engineering and phishing campaigns, solely for educational purposes. Our work is always aligned with your partners, vendors, and customers. We don't use cut-and-paste campaigns or templates that you have to populate yourself. We only execute sophisticated, custom campaigns developed by specialists in psychology, hacking and business. Campaigns tailored to your company’s needs. Your company doesn't need to allocate time to learn to use a platform or analyze the data. Our team provides an individualized dashboard, so you can track your progress at any time.

Hackers are utilizing trusted domains and https to trick victims- They are using landing pages that are constantly changing, blocking crawlers, and encoding in base64 to bypass firewalls. So do we. Phishing lures are becoming highly personalized, so you need a partner that can keep up with the rapidly changing face of phishing.

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